Life and Kids

Something New

So today is the start of something new….of what? I’m not sure.  But anyway…a little about me. I am a full time working mother and wife. I have four children total-let’s just say life can be a little chaotic. And I feel like we as parents can be hard on ourselves-like if I can’t find them matching socks for the day, I give them a cookie at 8am just to have 5 minutes of somewhat peace, or if they watch tv on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon for several hours at a time. It’s not the best but not the worst that could happen to them.  And meanwhile all this is going on I am trying to find myself and better myself at 29. I have a career in heathcare  that I started at the age of 23, that I do love but would like to branch out-but when is the right time? My body could use a little work since I had my last baby 2 years ago, so I am trying to keep a food journal to just be more aware of what I am actually putting in my body and exercising for about 10-15 mintutes a day. That’s honestly all I can take but I am learning to like it more. Then trying to figure out my preteen is beyond me-I’m trying but not making much headway. So let’s just say that when winding down on a day where so much is running around one’s head it’s ok to have a little blue moon and make some turkey chili for dinner-and be thankful for this beautiful chaotic life.


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