Life and Kids

Holiday mishaps

This past week was filled with the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas- both seem to have the idea of family get togethers and being merry and jolly-but for a lot of us it can be stressful and too much with extended family and kids running around. Let’s try and relax for just one second- and really do try and enjoy this beautiful season, along with having a glass of apple cider sangria…..mmmmm;). Thanksgiving had some of its usual craziness with my daughter being ill with a bad cold, realizing that my son had no pants that were clean, trying to pick up our van for traveling only to be told brake line had busted. I didn’t have to cook much, except for a side dish and appetizer. The anticipation of snowflake the elf returning was all the kids could talk about. I was enjoying some sangria with the Thanksgiving meal when I realized the babies pants were wet. Time to go. We went to bed early to rise for a family day trip involving the polar express. Everyone wàs good, train ride was fun and then exhaustion and hunger hit. Its difficult to keep everyone straight when kids aren’t staying seated, drinks are being spilled, and it takes over an hour for your meal to arrive. Finally home and in bed to get ready for the normal routine of the next day. I was having a conversation with my daughter in the morning while driving to meet her father- she was worried about the season going by too fast and she didn’t want her elf to leave. Honey you are worrying already and its not even December! Slow down and enjoy the time you have- time goes by so fast- don’t spend it worrying- enjoy and embrace it. She thought it was a good idea and I think so as well! Life is full of little bumps and mishaps- but that’s what makes the story good!


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