Life and Kids

Finding a purpose..

I can’t belive it’s been 1 year since I have written anything. I think sometimes we let life and worries get in the way of our hopes and dreams to do and become something different. And not that I want to be a different person but I want to make a difference and feel like I have some kind of purpose. I believe strongly that I have not found my purpose yet. At 30 I feel like I want to take on the world and find myself, yet I have responsibilties- wife, mother, employee- that I am afraid of what will happen if I dare to dream. Budgeting, cooking, 2 houses have seemed to rule my life for the past few years. And now I feel like I am at a turning point where I want more, not material but experiences and to be my own boss- in charge of where I am going. So in writing I am going to try and do just this. While being the wife and mother -things that I love and love being, I am going to find my purpose. And maybe those 2 things are my general purpose and with that maybe I can make a difference.



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