Budgeting and Family

This is one thing that I have been struggling with for the past 2 years and have had some ups and downs with it. My husband and I took a class after we had had enough-enough of not evwn realizing  where our money was going. We were good for about the 3 months we took the class and 1 month after but then Christmas came, my husband had surgery and we were in the process of refinishing a house that cost more then what we thought it would.  Fast forward a year and a half later and we are still kind of in the same boat. We are in the refinished house but it is not all finished and our other house needs work to rent out. I am still working it out and figuring out a budget. Our first step is to build a cushion. We have little for emergencies.  So it can hit us hard if we are not prepared. Saving is probably one of our biggest issues. I have always been better if it is taken out of my paycheck and I don’t even see it. Another issue is groceries-they are cray expensive; especially the more people in your house you are trying to feed for every meal without eating out. Recently I spent $150 for a family of 4 and I hope that it lasts until next week. If it does I will post what I bought and recipes and where I found them. In this day in age it is hard to live below our means and be happy with what we have but that is where I  am going to start-thanking God for my blessings, praying for his help in managing our money and start saving!!


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