Life and Kids

Movies With The Family

A couple of weeks ago my daughter said that she was interested in seeing a movie called Hidden Figures. I had not heard of it, but told her we would try and watch it. I mentioned it to my mother and she said she would like to see it as well. I watched the trailer to try and get better acquainted with the movie and it looked like it was going to be interesting; women I hadn’t heard of working for NASA. We went this past Saturday to an old theatre where movies only cost $5 per person. (trying to save $$ and stay within a budget) Let me tell you-this was a great movie and learning experience for my children and myself. This took place during a time that I am unfamiliar with; 1960’s Virginia-separate bathrooms, separate schools, and separation on the bus. It was empowering how these 3 women overcame all of this to  support there families and make a difference, doing what they had to and coming out on top, and showing that the impossible can be made possible.  It portrayed women with dreams making them happen-and I’m glad I was able to watch it with my daughters and maybe even give them hope for what they can accomplish even in difficult times. I recommend this movie to everyone.


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