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Mid Afternoon “Coffee”

At some point of the day I like to have my coffee; it doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning or when I’m by myself or when I have a sweet treat-as long as I get it at some point during the day. Its like no matter what is going on around me when I have my coffee, its ME time. As for instance right NOW is when I am having my coffee, writing , and thoroughly enjoying it.

Everyone likes their coffee a particular way-black, lots of cream and sugar, skinny, or a double shot of espresso. And there are some that the conventional coffee I am enjoying right now may not be their “coffee”. Some may have a different “get up and go”, that they cannot face the world without. Everyone has that one thing that makes them feel alive, that makes them ready to face the day. You know I think for me it varies day to day. Some days it is a cup of coffee and nothing else that can get me through the day. Sometimes its music that makes me feel alive and strong. And sometimes its reading and writing; reading inspiring posts and writing out my own thoughts that inspire my own creativity.

And  now as I am finishing my afternoon cup of joe, I now beg the question, what is your coffee??



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