The Power of Prayer

When something isn’t going right, when we are in some of our darkest days, when we need a miracle, when we need to make a life altering decision, when we are scared, when a loved one is sick…..what is that we all mostly do,  no matter religious background or beliefs we have??

We Pray. We ask others to Pray. Prayer for strength, courage, a cure, direction. It’s like we know someone or something is listening to all our voices all at once and it gives us all peace even if for a moment.

There is a Power in Prayer- power in coming together with a common concern no matter what religious differences or backgrounds we have and believing that a miracle can happen.

There is a girl who has cancer, who has been battling and fighting for awhile- years. I saw her story through facebook. I do not know her or her family personally but the story has struck me. Maybe it’s because my family has dealt with cancer first hand, maybe it’s because I have children and cannot fathom what her mother is going through. And while I feel like there’s not a lot I can do -I can pray…I can pray along with the other thousand people that are doing so- believing in the Power of Prayer.



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