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Chicken & Dumplings For the Soul


Everyone has been sick lately in my household. Some have fevers and are achy-and my husband was just diagnosed with strep. It is that time of year I guess; its cold one minute and the next I’m so hot I am wearing shorts. I was sick two weeks ago myself-couldn’t speak (of which my husband may have been somewhat happy about-lol). There is a difference when moms and dads are sick. I have a three year old so when I was sick I had to take care of him and myself while my husband was working. I literally gave my son my phone for two straight days so he could watch his favorite videos while I tried to rest so I could go back to work. Not to say my family didn’t help out, because they did ….but for most of the day I was on my own,  still taking care of my son. My husband’s sick days consist of either no children because they are with me or at school. He can rest with no distraction and no one saying “I want”.  I may be a little jealous sometimes of that, but that’s ok.   That’s how it is for most of us mothers…we are the caregivers, no days off no matter how we feel and we still “press on”. Why?  Because it is in our nature, because we have to, because we are STRONG.

So what did I make for my family this weekend to comfort them? Chicken and Dumplings-and it came out well I might add ( I don’t make it often)- and it got me thinking: we are the chicken and dumplings to our family’s soul; their comfort, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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